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Permit Process

Below is general processes to expect when exploring the need for a building permit:


Bring the construction documents described herein to the Permit Application Center where your permit process will begin. Here you will complete a building permit application. Permit technicians will direct you to the appropriate agencies necessary for permit approval. The applicable departments for a finished basement are:
1.Zoning reviews finished basements for wet bars and second kitchens.
2.Health Department reviews finished basements that are adding basement bedrooms and are served by a private sewer or well.
3.Building Plan Review will review for compliance to the applicable building codes. The building permit is issued when all required approvals have been obtained and applicable fees have been paid. Once your permits are issued, you must post a copy on the job site until the project has received final approval. Most finished basements are eligible for the Walk-Thru program, which allows you in most cases to apply for and obtain your permit in the same day. Electrical and plumbing permits are issued after the building permit is approved, but may be processed at the same time. Plans submittals are not required.
4.A copy of the approved permit and plans, must be on the job site and must be available to the inspector during each inspection.
5.All close-in and final inspections for building, electrical and plumbing are required to be conducted simultaneously. The inspector may hold the requests until all trades are ready to be inspected.
In short, professionally finished basements are a plus. Unprofessionally finished basements are a minus! .Specifications for prefabricated window wells.
6.If a new opening in the basement wall is necessary for emergency egress requirements, details of the alterations must be submitted. T he following conditions require the submission of plans: new window well, bedroom, kitchen, wet bar, and an alteration to a load bearing wall, exterior wall, beam or column/post.



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