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Finishing Basements

A basement is a room or number of rooms contained in a building, partly or completely below the level of the ground of that building. Refinishing is a process giving a new surface to wood, furniture and in this case the Basement.
We can plan a family entertainment center and a bedroom in the basement. Soundproofing will minimize the noise travelling from one area to another.
In many homes, the basement represents great, untapped potential for more living space. It may offer the most cost-effective approach to adding a new family room, an extra bedroom or a home office. Most basements can be turned into attractive, comfortable living space with careful planning and the assistance of a professional renovator.
Finishing Basements is the fastest way to add a new room, or more, to your home without the higher expense of an addition. Because most basements are unfinished, and used for storing all the things you've forgotten you have, it is a relatively simple job for a Professional to add quality living space to your home without losing valuable square feet from your yard, lawn, or garden.
Your refinishing project may consist of nothing more than framing up one or more new rooms. With a door or two, new flooring or carpet, some wiring, and a new ceiling, your basement can become new living quarters or guest rooms. With the proper equipment, such as flush up toilets, you can even have your Professional add that much needed new bathroom.

Renovating the basement offers a great opportunity to increase the energy efficiency of a home. An experienced renovator will inspect the basement and make appropriate recommendations for insulation, caulking and air sealing that can make the entire home more comfortable.
The spaces are dimensioned and the sizes of things, e.g., a table, the doors, the kitchenette are noted. Known task areas and focus areas are pointed out. Obstructions, e.g., the coffers and doors, are included for consideration. The abutting of things, their proximity is defined as best can be done this early in the process of design. The trained eye can easily spot problem spaces and opportunity spaces from these views alone.
Whether it is remodeling or renovation, it must give a new surface to the existing basement. This must be cost effective and give a facelift to the entire building!


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