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Basement Renovations

Ahhh! The dreaded contractors are coming!

Q107 is blasting away, cigarette butts on my driveway, dust form bottom to top, and is the beer in my fridge safe? Am I safe?

Have I got your attention?

Well, unfortunately all too often, we in the construction trades have done it to ourselves!

This is a company that really does try to take the worry out of this whole experience!

We go to great lengths to make sure your house is kept clean, that we keep your powder room clean, you could say that we're anal about that!

We use an air filtration system, vacuum regularly and keep materials and tools in an orderly fashion!

We do prefer that you would have us or yourself seal the concrete floor as this helps minimize dust.

Drywall is inherently dusty, but your house is made with it and it is a great wall product that does help us create your space that flows with the rest of your home.

We are professional installers and finishers! We can keep your home clean with our efforts. Most of the time the client will remark that the dust they expected never materialized.

We like to keep your basement clean because it is our work environment as well!

We will include at least one return air vent which we don't open until the project is almost finished in order to keep the dust from collecting in your furnace!


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