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Basement Ideas

Perhaps you're not sure where to start. Stand at the bottom step and look around. What is it you want to see first? The TV? A bar? Your new gas fireplace? Perhaps French doors leading you to a beautiful new office? Incorporate a glass block window to enhance any room.

Ask yourself which way do you want to turn as you hit the floor. Do you want a simple recreational room? A Home Theater? A bedroom, gym, sauna, full washroom or just a two piece? Maybe you want it all!

Now be realistic, specialized rooms cost more than just a bedroom.

Gyms usually require mirrors, ample head room separate electrical outlets for treadmills, cable for TV. An office needs Cat5, telephone, cable, a durable floor and closet space.

Washrooms can add an extra $2,000.00 to $8,000.00 to your cost, depending on your taste in fixtures and finishings. Neo angle showers with glass walls & doors are luxurious.

Costs - figure on spending $25.00 to $35.00 a square foot of finished area. Just your flooring can cost between $4.00 - $10.00 a square foot.

Accent your music studio with display niches for your guitars.

Framing and building tips...

Try planning to build a wall straight across a plumbing stack and a foundation buttresses. It may at first appear that you are loosing all kinds of usable space. The truth is an uninterrupted wall appears larger.

The cavity in a wall, such as we have described, can provide room for alcoves or niches to display a family portrait and run some extra heat runs in behind the wall. Construct an in-wall bookcase.

Seal your concrete with a clear sealer to control dust and moisture.

Caulk the bottom tracks of your framing and create a water dam and give your carpet a fighting chance!

Consider using steel stud framing to enhance the longevity of your finished product. Use select wood studs for door jacks, shower and structural walls.

Construct bulkheads in a way that reflect the layout of your walls. Build them one level and you minimize their appearance. Paint them with the wall colour, this helps in making them disappear.

Use water resistant drywall in washrooms that include showers.

Use a "lite" compound when finishing joints and cornerbeads. It retains it's shape longer over time.

Remember to ensure proper venting for your mechanical equipment.

Design tips...

Try to position your TV viewing area in a place where natural light from a window will not produce glare!

Have something inviting in view as you enter the basement area, Fireplace, Bar, Family portrait.

Resist building a washroom to accommodate the rough-in, it's just concrete, build it in an accommodating location that provides some privacy as well! Ensure headroom for the shower!

Install a Return Air vent away from a heat vent to create some fresh air flow.

Can you work with your existing windows, or add a larger one in a specific area to enhance that space.

How about an existing fireplace alcove, will that work for a new gas unit?

Build the "wet" wall" along your furnace room for easy access to your plumbing.

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