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Choosing a Basement Contractor

If you have drawings, a concept, or layout, you have the information the contractor bidding on the work could utilize in preparing a presentation. The contractor should make an appearance to the basement to be renovated and review your requirements and desires.
If they try to change your ideas for the sake of ease, beware! The path of least resistance is not always the prudent one. If one company is a lot less than the other, but both are using the same materials, watch out for the company charging less. Ask for an explanation. It is common to make mistakes in a detailed quote. Ask lots of questions, it's your home and your money!

There are a few different models of companies to choose from.

1. A top heavy, sales orientated company with lots of overhead.- Very expensive!

2. A handyman with little professional trade experience.- Can be very cheap!

3. A company managed by an experienced trades person with good people skills.- Middle to high priced!

Choose which one works for you and have them quote on your concept or have them create one for you.

An experienced contractor should have little difficulty in creating one for you. Give them time to develop the concept. Quality always takes time and effort.

A comprehensive concept and estimate should follow in about a week.

What to expect...

1. Concept in visual 3Dis preferred or 2D layout. Printed or emailed.

2. Detailed estimate, no less than 4 pages of details. Again, printed or emailed.

3. Time for you to digest the information and make an educated decision.


It has been my experience that potential clients feel that they will be protected from ruthless, underhanded contractors if they go with all the permits. Not so, do your homework and cut through all the sales crap. When someone cares for you and you home, it can't be hidden.

If you feel that you would like to acquire all the pertinent building permits you need to bring a drawing that the town will accept so the process can begin. Here you will complete a building permit application. Staff will direct you to the appropriate people necessary for permit approval.
The building permit is issued when all required approvals have been obtained and applicable fees have been paid. Once your permits are issued, you must post a copy on the job site until the project has received final approval. Electrical and plumbing permits are issued after the building permit is approved, but may be processed at the same time.

Plan to be paying more tax on your home!

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