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To whoever is Fortunate Enough to Secure Basements by Ballantyne!
Our family has been lucky enough to secure Bill Ballantyne’s services for two renovations.

When we first moved to Aurora we knew no one and were depending on a neighbor’s reference to hire a contractor to finish our basement. It was an extensive project; we knew we were investing a substantial amount of our savings, and whoever took on the project would be in our home, interacting with our family for quite some time.
We were so very happy with our renovation. Bill is a wonderful, ethical man who takes pride in every aspect of his work. His commitment to the project showed in every detail of his day to day efforts. He was an absolute pleasure to have in our home, as were the men who Bill had chosen to work with him. We were so thrilled with the final result and when we moved to a brand new home in Aurora we were very happy when Bill once again agreed to finish our basement. Again, every detail of the job was completed with integrity and superior quality of workmanship. The job was done on time, but Bill never rushed, always remaining flexible and able to handle the many extra challenges that come up in any renovation.
I can’t recommend Bill highly enough. He is an ethical, very talented professional and I absolutely guarantee, anyone who hires Basements by Ballantyne will be very happy in their new space for many years!
Susan Skillins


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