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“When we bought our current house it was only 6 years old. While the previous owners had started the basement, we wished they hadn’t. Our goal was to finish the entire basement and turn it into a place that was as good if not better than our main floor accommodations. Through our daughter’s family, we met Bill Ballantyne and asked him for a quote. He talked with me and my wife separately and together, and found out exactly what we wanted. For us that included ‘first-class’ workmanship and the contractor’s creative ideas to compliment our own thinking.
“Bill gave us an excellent detailed estimate, arranged for all the specialty trades [e.g. electrical, plumbing, painting – all handpicked to ensure his reputation was maintained], and delivered exactly what we wanted and more in finished product. His work is admired by all our friends and a number have engaged his services after seeing what he did for us. If Bill doesn’t like what he’s done, even if you think it’s okay, he’ll redo it on his own time until he’s satisfied with the job.
“But there’s more to the story of Basements by Ballantyne. Bill is the happiest, easiest going contractor I have ever had work for us. He plays uplifting music and sings all day and each night he leaves the workplace completely clean. A happy and spotlessly clean contractor is something you can’t place a value on!
“My wife and I would recommend Bill to all our friends who are serious about getting an excellent job done in their home. who value quality work, and want great value for what they pay.”
-- Ken Godevenos, Newmarket, ON

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