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From the first meeting with Bill, we knew he was the right choice for us. Unlike the other contractors that had performed a quote for us, he assessed our basement, camera in hand, for a considerable length of time. Paying attention to detail, he walked us through our plans, showing us areas that would require re-configuration, adjustments, and offered professional suggestions to best match the reality of the space with our vision.

And unlike his competitors, he provided us with a very detailed costing spreadsheet and visual room images with his quotation. Although his pricing was slightly higher/lower than other quotes, his attention to detail demonstrated to us that his quote would be in line. Having this detailed quote in hand, provided us with the peace of mind to proceed with this substantial financial investment.

Along side Bill’s professional quotation, is Bill as a human being. He took the time at our first meeting to get to know us, our needs and demonstrate something of his own integrity by not rushing us through any of this initial process (unpaid time for him of course). Bill’s sharing a picture of himself and his devotion to his family established a good connection between us from this first meeting.

The renovation process itself was an amazing experience. Being around to witness the various stages was a real learning experience for us. Bill and his team were always willing to explain or answer our many questions about the work-in-process. To their credit, they never proceeded to the next step without discussing any unusual discovery in the original workmanship that was discovered during this process.

As for Bill’s team, his lead assistant Bernie was a delight. Polite, smiling each time we met (daily by this time) he soon became part of the family to us. Spending most of my day at home required them to balance our needs with their work needs. Given the nature of the work, “quiet” is unrealistic to expect, however when the equipment was off, I didn’t know they were around.

We have 2 daughters, ages; 11 & 13. Our girls really enjoyed having Bill and his team in our home. So much so, that when they went away for the weekend and were homesick, one said, “I even missed Bernie and Bill”.

While the renovation was planned for a 3 month completion, we appreciated that whenever necessary they spent the additional time to meet our many changes (we added new items to our first plan), wait for better materials that were on back-order and to chat during their busy workday. The entire project was successfully completed in 4 months. We were relieved that they didn’t seem to rush through what was for us a major project and handled our add-on’s with such patience.

We are both professionals with many years of business experience. This entire project was a success and testament to the integrity of Bill and his team. It restored our cynical ideas about dealing with contractors (based on past experiences) and it allowed us to meet some really wonderful people.

And last but very important, Bill’s quote was right on, none of the typical running over budget that we had previously encountered!

We would recommend Bill and his team to anyone needing any size renovation (ours was about $50K). And who knows, they may have yet another basement of ours to create in the future!

You are welcome to contact us personally if you would like @ yousr@rogers.com

Dr. Robert & Susan Young
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Note: Bill we wanted to include a note that Bill & Bernie “saved our marriage” by creating a great space for either of us to avoid the other!!! And kids too!

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