Home Finish your Basement with Basements by Ballantyne, we Care!

Finished Basements by Ballantyne and associated Skilled Tradesmen!

This is your complete Basement Finishing Company. From Brilliant Designs to the Finishing Touch!

From CAD drawings to vacuuming your new carpets!

Working within the Community of Basement Renovators in the GTA and York Region for over 20 years, we have gained Invaluable Experience and Insight.

Industry leaders have been challenged by the increasing standards we are setting!

Perhaps all you need is a little help to do-it-yourself. We can do that!

Some know what they want and want it done in a timely fashion.

Figure on four to eight weeks depending on the complexity, not in two weeks.Is that consistent with quality?

This is a "Hands On" company.

You can hire a salesman who wants to be a contractor or...You can hire a Contractor who is a Skilled Tradesman who cares for you and your home!

To be clear, there are good companies out there, some actually hire me personally! As the owner of this company that bears my name, I am with the project from the start 'till the end! We think outside the box because your basement isn't just a box, it's a potential dream space!

We incorporate innovative design ideas and construction processes to give you, the client, the best renovation experience humanly possible! We don't scrimp on materials or effort!

We clean regularly because it is your home!

It is our hope that our Dedication to Quality, Cleanliness and the Sanctity of your home will keep us working within the Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill and surrounding communities for years to come! Family friendly and courteous peoples...because we care for your home just as we do our own!

Take a moment to browse our basement pictures pages and see the work of our hands!

Best regards,

Bill Ballantyne

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