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Basement Design Service breakdown

Do your homework. You can spend 3 times as much, or more than our service charges!

Our design service rates include:

a) 8 rotating 3D aerial veiws, HD (1920 x1080p) scale concept drawings.

b) one large scale dimensional layout.

c) one large scale proposed electrical layout.

d) one large scale rooms + area layout.

e) one large scale drawing used for making project notes.

f) all drawings are delivered via email, perfect for duplicates and professional printing.

g) layouts are in .pdf format but can be recieved in .jpg if desired.


In home consultation in the Newmarket and surrounding area $200.00

In home consultation outside of the Newmarket and surrounding area is $320.00

Our design package rate is $500.00 for up to 1,000 sq. ft. of "footprint" including one revision.

Our design package rate is $600.00 for 1,000 to 1,500 sq. ft. of "footprint" including one revision.

Our design package rate is $700.00 for 1,500 to 2,200 sq. ft. of "footprint" including one revision.

The "proposed Electrical layout" is $100.00

All charges are subject to %13 HST

Accumulated fees are to be half up front and the 2nd half prior to the delivery of your package.


You can contact us via email making your request known with a scanned image and some digital pictures. This is the easiest way to communicate your particular needs.


You can use conventional mail to forward your plan to us along with a "cheque", "money order" or "e-transfer"

payable to: "1558840 Ontario Ltd."

Either way, make sure you contact us as soon as possible, at these prices, we're always busy.



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