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Basement Design Service

For the do-it-your-self handy person or for pre-planning your basement finishing with a professional.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings are an integral part of the services offered by this company. With the ability to express our creative design concepts with the visual clarity only achieved in 2D & 3D CAD drawings, we bring your prospective, equity building, living space to life! Browse this example of a design service purchased by someone like you in this Flash presentation.

(Move the flash controller (top of the ball) to any portion of the flash presentation that is more convenient)

When rendering the 3D concepts we find that using the night time effect with the lighting in place provides a more realistic impression of the living areas. A daylight version casts unrealistic shadows giving a false representation of what the final product will look like...but it does look cool as well.

Concepts can be generated with hand drawn layouts that include accurate dimensions. It is important that the notation is legible. If you are not comfortable with doing your own initial sketch, we can arrange a meeting where we will take pictures, hand draw a diagram and take notes needed to replicate your basement ideas into 3D!

We prepare our design services with the same meticulous care used in building your dream space!

Well what do I get and how much does a basement design cost?

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