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My name is Bill Ballantyne, I am 56 years old. I started working in the construction trades in 1986. I was a lab tech (6 years), then a plant supervisor (1.5 years) for an ink manufacturing firm called S&V.

I own and operate my basement renovation company by default because I am a skilled tradesman who grew weary of the games contractors play and the exaggerated cost clients had to pay. Unfortunately, taking care of the business end and wearing many hats isn't my strength, but the end result is a quality product for a more than fair price.

My wife and I are a small family run business, creating elegant and inviting basement spaces that will last. From design to completion, my hand is upon every detail, or at least, looking over the shoulder of my select pool of trades and contractors that help me bring my concepts to life. And, hopefully, one project at a time, showing integrity is not forgotten and there are craftsmen who care about the sanctity of your home.

I am a Christian, I want my life to resemble Jesus Christ, so I take to heart, "do unto others as you would have them to you"

I thank God that He gave me some natural abilities and opportunities that helped me to acquire particular creative skills in a short time. I started my trade experience as a “Subdivision Drywall tradesman”. I worked hard to gain a good reputation from the start, both with fellow trades and contractors. Soon I was the “go-to-guy”.

After about a year in construction, I realized the need to apply my skills in other home building trades in order to become an all-around “tradesman”. Many people gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons and in a few years I was able to make a living at “Taping”, “Trim Carpentry” and “Interior Framing” as well. Out of necessity I got my feet wet in plumbing and electrical, tile setting and painting.

After about 4 years in plying various trades with good success, I discovered that I had a knack for renovating basements. My model of design became the “continuation of the existing style” of the home rather than the typical “T-bar” ceiling and wood paneling. My goal was to create an attractive, warm and inviting area of the home out of something usually dark and musty.

My ideas were received with enthusiasm and soon my sideline of work was building basements. Around 1992 I was approached a couple of times by a basement designer and salesman whose company was called “Finished Basements LTD.” I was skeptical about severing ties with the many contractors and contacts I had established over the years but the thought of dedicating my talents to a basement company that professed to have the same ideals that I had, was appealing. I was given the liberty to experiment and have control over projects under my care and in due time this company developed a good reputation largely due to my influences.

During my tenure, the owners of no less than four basement companies operating in the GTA, have worked with me personally and benefited from my influence. After about 11 “off and on” years with the “Basement leader” (the majority of those years as their “go-to-guy”), I called it quits. During those years many clients told me I was wasting my time and talents with this particular company and that I should be working for myself.

Well, I took their advice and that’s what I’m doing today. I am the owner, sales guy, manager, tradesman and laborer. I have great working relationships with great tradesmen and I pay them well to work with me in providing a great product.

Thank you for your time! Regards,

Bill Ballantyne

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